Hello! my names Zack. I am currently unemployed In the mustang Oklahoma area but willing to travel to anyone looking for a hard worker. I am from Florida but I picked my life up moved to Oklahoma with grand hopes of Working in the majuanna.
I have now accomplished working Whit a bho extractor and the vaccuum ovens made thc diamonds a full spectrum RSO oil syringes blue tooth live resin carts dissalation carts by the thousands shatter butter live resin. I also had the opportunity to run some of freshly frozen forbidden fruit from stability that looked quit phenomenal did crc runs I have grew up to 500 plants all the way through the veg cycle but never hit bloom but I know how to run a 12 and 12 but never made it to the newt part of that and I did trimming and watched the drying process and curing process for majuanna. I am just looking for someone to take me under their wing and teach me more than I know and pay me enough to live I am a hard worker and have worked in restaurants so great with hospitality and people in general but I live with high expectations and goals always being set and surpassed in life and at 22 with my knowledge imagine where I’ll be at in 3-5 years with some direction.
I have plenty of knowledge with cannabis, and can provide references. I am 1 semester away from a business degree. My knowledge is more with the flower itself and with the terpenes, not so much growing or trimming.(willing to learn) I am also up to date with all legalities within the industry, and continue to stay up to date with them.